Guidelines on Creating Your Sezzle Store Directory Listing

Your store directory listing might be a Sezzle shopper's first interaction with your brand. It's important that the image and logo convey the best of your store, with clear and descriptive imagery. Read on for our best practices for creating the perfect store badge.



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There are two parts to your badge: The lifestyle image on top and your logo below. Here are a few guidelines to follow to help your badge get approved!

Badge Do’s

  • Use an image that is at least 1080x1080 pixels in dimensions. Make sure the image fills the entire space, with no borders around the image.
  • Use lifestyle images! They evoke emotion and drive aspiration.
  • Take your photo shoot outdoors for great natural lighting or use a well-lit indoor space.
  • Showcase your best products through a flat-lay. What is a flat lay?
  • Upload your logo with a transparent background. We are not able to approve logos that have colored backgrounds.

Badge Don’ts

  • Don’t use blurry or grainy images
  • Don’t use a selfie-style image. Although selfies are a quick and fun photography solution, they don’t portray your store as well as a lifestyle image or product-focused professional flat-lay. 
  • Don’t make your badge too busy! Instead of selecting multiple images in a collage format, just use one clear image.
  • Don’t use word or logo overlays on your lifestyle image.
  • Make sure your top image is not your logo, as well! The logo goes in the bottom square. 

Ready to submit your store badge?

1. Log into your Sezzle Merchant Dashboard and navigate to Settings > Store Management. 

2. Drag and drop your lifestyle image and your brand logo to their respective places.













3. After dropping and sizing your lifestyle image and logo, select up to three categories that best describe your store and product mix.

4. Submit! We'll email you when your store listing has been approved. 

If you have any questions about your store badge, please email us at